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So Lorena is off at a team training camp in West Virginia. I am chilling at home, watching the Dog Whisperer. Cesar sure is amazing. I can already tell that this is going to be a lively weekend! Although, with any luck, my soccer team will get our first win of the season tomorrow (we are 0-2 right now.) Anyway, because the Dog Whisperer has my rapt attention, I decided to update the music on the blog. And while I was searching for songs to put on, I realized that I am starting to become a lame adult because I don't know any cool new bands. Back in the day, when I was hanging with Peter at BC, he would always have great recommendations for bands I had never heard of (Promise Ring is still one of my all time favorites.) Lately, if I ever find new music I like it is because it is usually from a band I already knew who put out a new album, or my buddy Vince hooks me up with some good recommendations. Since Vince is now spending all of his time being a big shot lawyer in San Francisco, he has been slacking on the recommendations (although this is in no way an attempt to call him out!).

So, this post is a request, for you the loyal reader of the lorenanadrob blog:
A. I need some musical recommendations; (and you can use my play list as a good clue as to what I would like, i.e. if you recommend Creed, or someone from American Idol, I will disavow any apparent friendship we may or may not have had.)
And I guess there is only an "A", so I probably didn't need to denote it as such, but I will decline going back and erasing the "A".

In conclusion, please post some recommendations in the comments. Thank you. And yes, Huey Lewis and the News are still the greatest of all time (with Jimmy Buffet being a close second. What am I saying, they are both tied for first.)

LISA  – (9:19 PM)

I heard this guy on the radio.
LOVE HIM I don't usually like music. (I know I know) I think I have bought 3 cd in my life. But I will be all over this!!. See if you can find his story it sweet.

LISA  – (9:30 PM)

Russell Davis  – (3:22 AM)  

I've become a big fan of Silversun Pickups. First hooked by Lazy Eye, then Well Thought Out Twinkles, now pretty much all of their songs...

Lorena  – (8:53 AM)  

Maybe the "lame adult" has more to do with the fact that the picture you had to use to dipict your favorite pop artist was taken in 1984.
Here's a hot new artist for you to check out: David Cook.
(HA! If you disavow knowing me, you'll be a LONELY lame adult! Love ya babe. You make me laugh.)

d  – (2:35 AM)  

Cobra Starship is awesome.

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