Lorena's on a roll!

I don't know if Lorena will write a race report about her two races this weekend, and I only saw one of them, but I will write up a quick report about how Lorena, aka Lowrider, aka Diesel, aka Loretta, won her race on Saturday and got second in her race today. Her team, HPC powered by Altarum, was rocking it today. They were up front, riding hard, and covering a bunch of moves. Fellow HPC teammate Jenette Williams, fighting a cold but still riding strong, powered through and won the field sprint, with Lorena taking second in a photo finish. Unfortunately, I do not have that photo, so there are no photos accompanying this post. Anyway, the whole team rode exceptionally well - I was very impressed. In Saturday's race (which I did not see), Lorena's teammate Chris Kelly (of the infamous Chris Kelly ride) went on a crazy solo break and was crushing everyone. On the last lap, two girls (from which team, I know not) decided to bridge up. They gave Lorena a free ride up to her teammate, and then the two of them pulled away in the sprint between the four, with Lorena taking first and Chris taking second. So, if you are scoring at home, HPC went 1-2, 1-2, on Saturday and Sunday. GOOD JOB LADIES OF HPC!!!

Mrs. Anderson  – (11:56 PM)  

I am glad someone posted about them - thanks Rob and way to go Lorena! Sounds like you are amazing this season.

Dana Broderick  – (11:17 PM)  

I am so impressed! You rock LO!

Anna  – (8:37 AM)  

Nice report. Glad to see that someone is tooting Lorena's horn on your blog!

K-country  – (10:20 AM)  

Lorena was a welcoming sight for sore "legs" coming into the finish Sat. Fantastic timing, great team work. Let's do it again soon!! Nice meeting you this weekend Rob.

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