School Bus Driver Appreciation Day???
In my school days, I've told my school bus drivers thank-you just as much as the next guy. But it wasn't until just recently, as a coach of my high school's cross country team, that I have had to actually drive one myself. It has given me a whole new appreciation for school bus drivers. Not only do I lack any experience with driving large vehicles (men always seem to take over the wheel when I've used U-Hauls), but add 20 kids into that mix, and the crazy roads of DC, and wow! I've tried to look at it more as funny than terrifying, although I'm not sure how reassuring it is to the cross country kids when I tell them that. But it is exactly this perspective that got me to agree to give one of the kids door-side service on the way to taking everyone else back to school (I'm not sure why I find that so funny...maybe because that's what everyone really wants their bus to do, but would never expect to happen). I felt so empowered by driving the school bus, that I was just about ready to take a detour to Disneyland with them instead.

The biggest lesson that I've learned so far from this experience is this:
If you are driving a massive object with 20 kids packed into it, traveling quickly downhill, and you find yourself upon one of those yellow lights that has you questioning whether to hit the brakes or to speed through it... don't pick the braking option. Just don't. Trust me.

Cross country has kept me busier than usual lately, and I'm awful at remembering to take our camera with us places, which is why I haven't updated for a while. But then, yesterday I discovered that my school laptop has Photoshop on it. And now my lack of actual pictures problem is solved forevermore!

Rob's family visited last week so that they could go with Brittany to brief meeting with President Bush. She had to quit her job as one of his speech writers when she got married this summer, so this meeting was arranged so that he could thank her for her work.
They all thought it was pretty cool, but weren't allowed cameras inside the office. But that is not a problem. I've got it covered.

Rob and I are now playing in a soccer league together every week. It's a lot of fun to finally get to play with him, rather than just cheer on the sidelines. I love it! Although, I don't think my body is used to doing things other than biking anymore, because since I've started cross country and soccer, I have pulled my hamstring twice, pulled my groin, gotten an asthma attack (haven't had one in a decade), and injured my ankles. I think I'm aging.
My good friend Anna Kelso took me to a show at GW by Garrison Keillor, of "A Prairie Home Companion". Too be honest, I haven't listened to his radio show before, and I was a little worried when we walked into the autitorium and saw were the only people there who didn't qualify for the senior citizen discount, but I really enjoyed it. Having the old man on my right startle himself awake from his own snoring several times throughout the performance, the lady in front of me wearing one of those really great banana clips in her hair that girls wore in the 80's, smelling all sorts of bad old lady perfum,and listening to old people hack up their lungs throughout the performance just made it that much more of a night to remember. And Anna is just the type of friend you would find yourself with in such an out-of-the-ordinary situation having a great time. Thanks for taking me with you, Anna! Garrison Keillor has the most amazingly soothing barritone voice, and it got me thinking it would be nice to listen to him read me a bedtime story every night.
I thought he reminded me of someone, and now I know exactly who it is. Dwight Shroot, anyone?

Andrea J  – (9:17 PM)  

Just Wow! I'm so glad you have Photoshop. I think you're ready to rent the movie, "Prarie Home Companion". I grew up listening to that show, and I can't even comment on if it is good or not because that's not the point. It's familiar and it's comforting; and I think he looks a lot like Dwight. Good luck driving the bus :)

Rachelle & Adam  – (10:07 PM)  

Hallelujah! You posted the school bus photo! I REALLY love the Photoshop touch! So, since you're in good with Harry Potter, is he gay? Also, that guy looks like Dwight's dad. Awesome post; you make me proud!

Mrs. Anderson  – (11:17 AM)  

Way to go LOrena - you are amazing!

Dana Broderick  – (10:30 PM)  
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Dana Broderick  – (10:33 PM)  

Where to start? Good post. I was just thinking how utterly boring my blog was and I need something else to talk about than my children. Ok, I would be terrified with you behind the wheel of a bus! Seriously. They let you do that? Don't you need like a bus driver license or something? You look like you have that photoshop thing figured out. Maybe I need that and then I don't have to take so many pictures. I have thought that with Tori since I don't have as many pictures of her as Audrey, I'll just put some of Audrey in her scrapbook. She'll never know. Who in the heck is the Dwight look alike? This was so random but I guess so was your post.

Snow Crew  – (8:54 AM)  

love this blog- I wiah I could hear you tell these stories in person. I can hear your voice in my head though- with all the other ones!

Anna Kelso  – (10:23 AM)  

Indeed, a spitting image.

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