So, according to Rachel, you can play tag with your blog. Although it's better in real life, because if you don't want to get tagged, you just run away. She tagged me with this survey, which I guess is really the same as those forwards that say you must fill out the info and pass it along to someone else and Microsoft will pay you $10,000 the next day. But since I'm already swimming in cash, I've never filled one of those out before. If you hate them, read no further. But now, since I totally respect the game of tag, I'll play. Do you feel so accomplished Rachel?

Six Things That Make Me Happy
1. Rob singing "Woman" by Wolfmother on the top of his lungs
2. Taking a long nap
3. Taco Bell tostadas
4. Mountain biking any of my favorite trails (Sundance, Moab, Sycamore, "Space Mountain", Fountainhead, ...) on a sunny day, with good friends
5. School being cancelled for snow (the silver lining to winter on the east coast)
6. Church being cancelled for snow (yep, we got a phone call yesterday morning right before leaving. We went right back to bed. It was sooo relaxing.)

Six Strange Things About Me
1. I really like soymilk (Rob thinks it's only meant for people who are lactose intolerant)
2. I am too impatient to wait for elevators, which is the main reason I take the stairs
3. I talk, walk, laugh, scream, hit, cry, and even change clothing in my sleep
4. I feel down if I've gone a couple days without exercise
5. Guess doing math for pleasure isn't exactly the norm
6. I'm afraid of fish

Okay, Dayna and Rachelle, tag. You're it.

Mrs. Anderson  – (5:39 PM)  

Grrrr, I just wrote all my thoughts and it didn't work :( So take two....

I want to say I feel very accomplished having you respond and I also feel extremely entertained.

I am a little worried for you though considering you have such a passion for a Taco Bell product!! Be careful Lorena :) As for your cancellation yesterday morning - SO JEALOUS. Jackson and I got sick (head colds) yesterday morning so I would have LOVED that phone call.

As for your strange characteristics - I am lactose intolerant and I have never tried Soy, but now I am wondering if I should. Also, I think a video of you changing in your sleep, should be posted on youtude - it's pure talent!!!!

Vince  – (12:50 AM)  

Funny because Rob singing "Woman" by Wolfmother on the top of his lungs is #1 on my list of things that make me happy too

Rachelle & Adam  – (12:44 AM)  
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Rachelle & Adam  – (12:47 AM)  

You forgot to mention entering your sister's room and rummaging around her chest of drawers in the middle of the night frantically searching for nothing in particular all in your sleep. I THOUGHT YOU WERE A ROBBER COMING TO KILL ME! You know how we are super paranoid about that stuff. I'm still in counseling with Dr. Phil due to that experience. Turns out I also still resent Mom honoring your request of keeping our bedroom door open that night when I wanted it closed and you wanted it open.

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