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Sorry it has been a while since there has been a post. I have been working late, and Lorena has been racing hard. Here is a cool picture of her, with me in the background. She is all by herself in this picture because she was kicking butt and had ridden away from the pack. She won this race by 45 seconds.

So anyway, that is your quick update. Sorry there isn't a ton of detail, but oh well.

Mrs. Anderson  – (10:48 PM)  

This surely is better than nothing. I am just noticing you checking out her butt - the romance is still there :) Way to go Lorena, you are awesome!

Snow Crew  – (2:45 AM)  

45 seconds- unbelievable! Ohh this gives me chills! How awesome to see you achieving such a great dream. AND how awesome to have such a great husband to support you at it- even if he is checking out your nice A! We miss you guys sooooo much!

Lisa  – (10:08 PM)  

You go girl !!
I think we have another Davis femal athelete in the House. Abby's new thing is running. Garth and Abby go "running" on the track sometimes. Abby can run 1/4 of a mile with out stopping THAT IS REALLY GOOD FOR A YEAR OLD


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