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A couple months ago, I found a good deal on a tall coffee table from Ikea and decided to make it into a sensory table. I finally had a good excuse to use our round power saw (is that what it is even called?) and I'd say that cutting up a table with a power tool was definitely the most fun I've ever had doing a project. Happily, the kids have also had hours and hours of fun with the result. Even without the sensory bins inside, a table with two holes has been fun for the kids all on its own. I can't thing of any other toy or activity that has captivated them for such long stretches of time that require ZERO help or attention from me.
Table + bins: $31
Hours of cooking dinner uninterupted: priceless

Black sand and a pretty collection of colorful rocks

This last picture is with water marbles, which even I can't get enough of running my hands through.
We've also tried rice (colored and scented with Kool-Aid) and seashells.
I got a little kitchen scale, also on the cheap, and hopefully someone, sometime, will learn something about measuring and weighing from it. But if so, it will be on their own, because this is one activity that I revel in doing nothing. (Besides clean up...which is actually far from nothing.)

Aubree  – (12:53 PM)  

Fun! You are so creative.

AJ Candrian  – (4:16 PM)  

When I was outside playing Uno with Michael one day he pointed out the "sensory table" to me... I had no idea what on earth that even meant. Very creative!

Amy Lovell  – (9:58 PM)  

Great idea, you're so creative. Teach me your ways.

Joy Candrian  – (5:15 PM)  

So is this were all the Kool-aid is going? So glad you had fun with the sander.

Sara  – (2:31 PM)  

Love this! Alexis has one at school that she looks forward to using. Even better to have one at home. Love it!

Brittany  – (8:46 PM)  

I may copy you on this one. I've seen several of these on pinterest and wish I would have done a water table this summer. I was too cheap to actually buy one though. Kudos to you for being such a fun mom. Good thing you live so far away. You would die at my boring momhood status. :)

harada57  – (4:39 AM)  
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