Dancing Robot

I'm pretty sure it was nearly a year ago that Michael saw a picture of Rob and I in robot costumes and decided he wanted to be a robot for Halloween. Month after month he has kept this idea in his mind and not wavered an iota in his desire to be a robot - which is fascinating to me considering how whimsical and fleeting most ideas from 3 and 4 year olds tend to be.
Naturally, Ella wanted to be a robot, too. She also wanted to be a butterfly. And the beauty of homemade costumes is that I could make that happen.
The costumes are semi-complete because I didn't think the kids would fare to well in a bulky headpiece. My favorite thing about Ella's costume was that once we added the light to the control panel up front, it lit up a green circle on the ground about a foot in front of her. She kept trying to step on it as we walked around, and it really kept her moving! I think that is the fastest, most decisive walking she has ever done. So I'm now considering taping it to her shirt anytime we walk somewhere.

Michael got his dance button pressed a lot this night, and he performed almost every time. It was awesome!

Sideways video....ooops. I thought I could rotate it but can't figure it out. Ella's tagline as a robot is "I am a robot, you have pretty eyes!". She got it from a book about a kid who dresses up as a robot. I think she's got the robot voice nailed.

Showing off his rocket boosters

Erin S  – (3:38 PM)  

Your kids are so cute! No video of Michael dancing?

Joy Candrian  – (6:50 PM)  

I love that you added lights to these costumes...and Ella's voice is so rototically cute. (I made-up a word to describe her voice!)

Joy Candrian  – (6:52 PM)  

I forgot to tell you how wonderfully creative the costumes you create are! Good job Lorena.

Sara  – (1:32 PM)  

Love these costumes! The sound and light effects are the best!!

Rachelle  – (3:03 PM)  

So creative! Those kids are lucky to have you as a mom!

Brittany  – (9:12 AM)  

I am amazed that these are home made.

I also hope you got a video of Michael dancing because I totally want to see it.

Choo Say  – (6:23 AM)  

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