Family Visitors

We love, love, loved having Rob's sister Andrea + husband Isaac come to visit us last week. One love for the fun of their company, another love for the attention they heaped on the kids, and an extra love for the pictures they took with their super nice camera. (All pics below are courtesy of Andrea and Isaac.)
Rob and Andrea in Capernum (Sea of Galilee behind them)
Rob, Isaac, Andrea eating fish caught (by someone else) from the Sea of Galilee
Ella, Herzliya Beach
Michael, Herzliya Beach
Isaac, Ella
The Mediterranean Sea at sunset (again...picture credit to Andrea!)
Michael posing as a statue at Caesarea
Copy-cat Ella, also posing as a statue
Andrea and Isaac at Caesarea

AJ Candrian  – (9:41 AM)  

Loved, loved, loved visiting you guys! Miss you already.

Joy Candrian  – (1:13 PM)  

Wow, those are great photos. The clarity is amazing. So glad they got to visit your family.

Amy Lovell  – (9:57 PM)  

I so wish we could come visit, but for now, our London trip will have to do!

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