November Rain

Rain is so much more fun when it can run down your bare skin and feel good. I so love our warm climate. My kids love playing in their rain boots and were so stoked for actual rain to play in with them. These pictures remind me so much of my own childhood in southern California.

Nothing to do with this post. Fairy Ella.

Joy Candrian  – (1:59 PM)  

I love seeing those frog rain boots are still being used & the leaf tutu made me laugh. I wonder if Andrea & Brittany remember that? I was also thinking the first time I felt warm rain, I was a teenager & in Hawaii. Growing up in Portland, I always thought rain was cold.

Joy Candrian  – (1:59 PM)  
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Amy  – (9:11 AM)  

I wish we had warm rain here...just preparing for snow and sleet instead. Blah!

harada57  – (4:37 AM)  
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