Michael's 4th Birthday

For Michael's 4th birthday, we went bowling and ate dinner at the Seven Stars Mall. After we sang "Happy Birthday", a girl approached our table. She was an 8 or 9 year old cutie, prettied up from head to toe and wearing a classic pink ballerina outfit and skirt. She handed Michael a balloon from McDonald's and, using excellent English,  wished him a happy birthday. He looked at her in awe, with big eyes but little comment, not sure what to make of her. (She was just another kid eating at the mall who decided to do something nice at random.)
At home that night, out of the blue he asked, "Mom, why did a beautiful princess come give me a balloon today?"
He asked about the beautiful princess again this morning.
I wish I had a picture of her and I hope he always remembers that sweet, beautiful ballerina!
In his new Liverpool jersey from Rob.  He was bursting with exuberance all birthday long, from the second he woke up till he went back to bed. 
His options were bowling with one or two friends, or a party at our house with all of his friends. Lucky me he loves bowling, because I'm way too tired right now for the latter option.
Random quote from this morning: "Mom, why do we have two hands?" How many does he wish he had? Nine.

Rachelle  – (10:47 PM)  

So precious! How our kids age so quickly. Sounds like he had a magical day! Bowling is perfect.

Joy Candrian  – (2:57 PM)  

Wish we could have been there to celebrate his birthday. I'm glad he had a princess present him with kindness. I'm also glad you write down the cute things my grandchildren say so I can smile at their wonder & the joy they bring into our lives.

Amy Lovell  – (9:33 PM)  

Oh my gosh, that's the cutest thing ever. I love that he called her a princess! I'm sad we didn't get to wish Michael a happy birthday, but Andrea is coming with presents, you know, to help make his birthday last a little longer!

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