The Nativity

For all my belly-aching about being homesick during the holidays, you can't really get more Christmas-y than going to Bethlehem, can you? This trip was fabulous. Here are some pictures in Bethlehem and at the Church of the Nativity.
Stairs down to the original nativity. The church has been built up over it. The main entrance (not pictured) to The Church of the Nativity is child sized so that one must bend down and be penitent upon entering. Or just be a child, I guess.

The believed birth place

The place of the manger

The outer halls of the church.

Andrea J  – (7:55 PM)  

I know living abroad requires sacrifice, but this looks so amazing!

Brittany  – (11:14 PM)  

Wow. What a special place to go for Christmas. What a great memory!

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