Monday was another Jewish holiday.  Sept/Oct is awesome in Israel because there are tons of holidays - and we get all the local and American holidays off.  This means I've only had to work one full week since we've been here, and I still have three more four day work weeks coming up.  In total, in my first 8 weeks here, I will have had one full week of work.   So on Monday, we went down to Jaffa.

Jaffa is just south of Tel Aviv.   They are technically part of the same municipality, although Jaffa is older then Tel Aviv.  Is was a historical Arab town that Tel Aviv sprung front, about 100 years ago.   Not to get too historical, but basically a bunch of Jews moved north of Jaffa, into some sand dunes, and started Tel Aviv.  Roughly 100 years or so later, and there you have it. 

Jaffa definitely had more of a Middle Eastern feel to it (at least what I imagine other places in the middle east to feel like - without the protests or riots or jihad, so that was nice...) 

On a funny work note, we actually had a demonstration outside of the Embassy this week.  No need to worry about it being  a Libyan or Egyptian style protest, though.  It wasn't even an actual protest, since the group showed up to show their support for the United States and their appreciation that the U.S. is a supporter of Israel.  When my State dept. friends tell me that this is the "Middle East Light" they really are right.

On to the pictures:

 Ella and Michael sitting on an old cannon.  They thought it was awesome.

Rachelle  – (3:11 PM)  

What a beautiful place! Isn't it nice to live among palm trees again? Your kids are so beautiful!

Brittany  – (10:32 PM)  

Darling, darling, darling kids. I sure miss you guys.

Joy  – (1:50 PM)  

I want a job that gives me that many days off - I'm glad you get to enjoy the sunshine & explore.

Amy Lovell  – (3:38 PM)  

You always get spoiled in life. From Sweden to working in a country that is basically a glorified vacation, not to mention, with LOTS of days off. What a life you guys live.

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