The massage table remains one of my favorite things we own. Every now and then the kids and I have been surprising Rob by having it out for him when he gets home from work. I think this pic is from V-day. Michael is obsessed with lotions so he is stoked about getting unlimited access and applies it exuberantly. He also thinks it is great fun to feed us grapes through the little head hole. 

The highlight of today was that the table happened to be left out, and Michael really wanted to give me a massage. He needs to work on his technique and pressure, but overall, I'd still rate it as a pretty fabulous morning activity. One of the very few times since his birth that I have been able to lay down and relax in his waking hours. He stuffs grapes into my mouth through the head hole as fast as he can get them in there, which leads to pretty chipmunked cheeks. I tried to tell him to wait but then juices spilled out of my mouth, which was pretty hilarious, and had us both cracking up.

Andrea J  – (8:11 AM)  

Michael does look crazy happy in this picture. What a good son.

Amy Lovell  – (12:25 PM)  

I think we need to invest in one of those...although, I think John just prefers to pay for me to go get one by a professional instead.

Joy  – (5:07 PM)  

I think he needs to do that to his Boopa when he comes, that's pretty funny & sweet!

KellySummer  – (1:54 AM)  

hahahaha. if you had asked me in the blue house to describe how i imagined your married life with kids would be, it would be this picture and your son feeding you grapes through a massage table whole. i miss you!!

KellySummer  – (11:52 PM)  

that's bugging me that i wrote "whole" instead of "hole"

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