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I decided to post a blog a day for the next month. I think I need to exercise the part of my brain that deals with things simply and briefly and then lets go. So, I am going to just capture a couple random bits each day and see if I can just leave it at that. I just deleted an entire long paragraph detailing this goal along with a long chunk of self-analysis. It was a long complex ramble about simplicity. Nice.

So, here's to the start of a month of simple, concise (but still pretty random) daily thoughts. 

Michael is constantly making me realize how ancient I am getting. He sees play telephones and has no idea what it even is! Then, today he heard an ice-cream truck and he proclaimed "that's a loud cell phone, mommy." (And, btw, I can't believe they are selling ice-cream when there is still snow and ice on the ground!)

Not so fun yesterday was going to our big storage freezer downstairs and finding that Michael must've found the switch and turned it off several days ago. Probably a good couple hundred bucks worth of food got thawed and had to be trashed. Sad.

Doesn't Ella look just like her dad? I'm still wondering if I actually contributed any DNA. They both happened to be wearing orange yesterday, so of course I couldn't resist a quick snap. I think they make a pretty gorgeous pair.

Amy Lovell  – (2:49 PM)  

I'm sure you could just post pictures every day and we'd all be happy with that, too! :) I sure wish I was coming to Sweden with my dad tomorrow, I miss you guys!

Joy  – (5:18 PM)  

Love this idea...maybe, just maybe I'll feel like I was with you guys. So sad about the freezer. Love the photo of Rob & Ella.

RachelAA  – (5:48 PM)  

They both look adorable and I like your goal. I too struggle with simple and concise :)

AJ Candrian  – (6:25 PM)  

Hopefully this is the only time they'll ever have the same hair cut :) Lorena... I'm excited to read what you post. I love your writing style.

Sara  – (2:37 PM)  

She is so stinkin cute! Love that you're doing one a day!

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