Squishy Face

Ella's squishy face. I like the black and white effect because A. It looks good. B. It hides an unfortunate amount of baby acne and dandruff.

Showing off her manicure. And her long fingers.

Mostly these two just coexist. He gives her a kiss every now and then each day and that is sweet. But he wasn't too in to holding her for a picture. The first few did not turn out too well, so we put away the camera. But then he realized that holding Ella was the key to getting his picture taken, and then he was begging to hold her again.

Is this not the coolest contraption of a stroller? Smalls is riding on a skateboard attachment and loves it. Yeah, he's pretty hip.

Rachelle  – (5:07 PM)  

Ella is just so tiny and loooooong looking! She's a beauty! That stroller attachment is that coolest thing i've seen in a long time. Ingenius!

Andrea J  – (7:59 PM)  

Agreed. Skateboarding, even behind a stroller is awesome. I'm holding Adam and when he saw the picture of Michael he started yelling - hi!

RachelAA  – (8:09 PM)  

Shut it - the skateboard is way cool.

CK  – (9:33 PM)  

You have the best posts! Love the updates. ck

Anna  – (10:47 AM)  

More baby pictures please!

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