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Cheering at Rob's soccer game.
I've been totally pampered after giving birth to Ella; between Rob's time off from work and visits from my mom, Rob's sister Andrea, and Rob's parents, it won't be until 8 weeks after her birth that I will finally have to cope with caring for a newborn and toddler on my own. I have to say that as a fair preface to now saying that I LOVE my life right now and I can't believe how manageable it has been to have a second baby.

Total fascade, I know. But I'll live in this little dreamland while it lasts. What every mother needs is a mother for herself. I was so so sad to say goodbye to mine yesterday after three weeks of being pampered. What should have been a totally hectic period of my life was instead a time that I was able to just enjoy my new life. It's a feeling of "my cup runneth over" instead of "bursting at the seams".
Rob's soccer game

Michael found the two cutest babes at the park and thought it looked like fun to hitch a ride. So he just hopped on. They looked at each other like "huh?" but then happily drove him around for like 15 minutes.

Playing at the beach with Grandma Davis.

Grandma Davis and miss Ella Mays

Michael likes to do what Ella does. She had tummy time so he copied her, complete with a pretty fierce impersonation of her moving her head about all wiggly and jerky and unstable-like.  One of the best things ever that has come as a result of his copy-cat behavior is that he will FINALLY lay down for diaper changes. Thank you miss Ella for providing the good example.

Michael woke up last weekend and told Rob that he wanted to wash the windows. I now know how to get Rob to do chores.

He had no idea of this when he stuck his head through that hole. Haha, sucka.

Looking out off the balcony, one of our favorite activities.

Joy  – (4:30 PM)  

Fun photos...I'm glad you're not tired of company because we are soooo excited to come and take care of Michael & Ella & you! 6 more days...YEA!

Sara  – (4:38 PM)  

So nice to have family there!! I've loved having 2 more than just 1 - (hopefully will say the same about 3 vs 2!) but it really is the best to be able to enjoy TWO little people and all of their differences and how they interact (or don't interact!).

Rachelle  – (7:45 PM)  

I love every last one of these photos! Your kids are too beautiful. I especially love the one of Michael riding on that archaic bike carriage! I wish i could come out and extend your visitor time even longer.

RachelAA  – (10:25 PM)  

That's awesome Lorena - I am so glad it's been a joyful transition!!

Brittany  – (10:09 AM)  

I'm so glad you've had such great help. If only I could be so lucky come March. I'm already terrified.

I'm also glad Michael now lays down for diaper changes. James gets squirmy sometimes and I have to hold a leg or two over him to keep him down. It drives me nuts!

Oh, and, of course, I loved all your pictures. Keep posting them!

Anna  – (10:55 AM)  

Yay!!!! I've been dying for more baby pictures!!! Thank you!

Jeulye  – (12:03 AM)  

I love your mom.
I laughed to myself. I yell to Cameron and tell him to do the baby "torture." He holds Matt down for me. =D

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