Happy Birthday Michael

Today is Michael's birthday.  It is crazy to think of how much our lives have changed in the last year.  I'm sure Lorena will have something more entertaining to write, but I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures of Smalls during the first year of his life.  His transformation from a crying, grumpy baby to a happy, curious little toddler is amazing.  He is luck enough to have his Grandma and Grandpa Candrian and his godmother Anna and her husband Jeff travel out to Sweden just for his birthday.  Happy birthday Michael Robert Candrian aka Biggie Smalls, aka King Baby, aka Goober.  You are loved by a lot of people all over the world!

RachelAA  – (10:37 AM)  

WOW - a year... congrats guys and Happy Birthday Biggie Smalls!!!

AJ Candrian  – (3:50 PM)  

Happy Birthday little squirt!!!

So sad I didn't get to sing to him today! Can't believe he is 1 already. That picture of him in his bear costume is still my favorite. And the one of Amy holding him with a scowl on his face. I will always love that picture. I just love that kid.

Also, he has a godmother? Interesting. I had no idea.

Amy  – (4:32 PM)  

Happy Birthday little buddy. I sure wish I was out there to celebrate, but alas, I only made it as far as Oklahoma today.

Sara  – (9:49 PM)  

Can't believe how fast time goes by! He is SUCH a cute little man!!

Erin S  – (11:16 PM)  

Happy Birthday! He is such a funny boy! The first year was so crazy, makes you wonder what the next year is going to be like!

The Richmans  – (11:06 AM)  

That pic with Amy is my favorite ever! He looks like a grumpy old man. Crazy that he is only one because the day I found out he was born seems like eons ago.
I wish I was there to celebrate with you all! Love you!

KellySummer  – (1:06 PM)  

we have the same bouncy chair as you! and although Ollie isn't quite one...we too had an angry crying baby and now a way happy almost toddler. :)

d  – (10:23 PM)  

Happy Birthday big man!!! We love you (from a distance for now) and hope you are giving your parents a run for their money!! Can't wait to get together so all our boys can initiate you into their fight club!-snow family

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