I don't have a facebook account.  I'm not going to get one.  I am 31 years old.  Does that mean that I am an old curmudgeon?  In 20 years will Michael laugh at me like I'm one of those people who refuses to get a cell phone.  Perhaps.  Or maybe I subscribe more to what Malcom Gladwell says in this article.  

carin  – (4:46 AM)  

I understand completely why you don't want one, but everyone gets one eventually. Ha ha ha ha ha ha (in a Dr. Evil voice)

Audrey  – (8:20 AM)  

My Scott has an account so he can look at other people stuff sometimes, but he refuses to do anything with his account. He hasn't posted anything or accepted any friend invites. I sent him one thinking surely he will accept his wives invite, but he held strong saying once he accepted one then he would have to accept more and he refuses to give into "the man"

Rachelle  – (10:33 AM)  

Don't get one! I have seriously been considering getting rid of mine. It's mostly a waste of time reading about usually mundane things in the lives of many people you could not care less about (yes, a few you do). Stay strong, Rob!

d  – (12:48 AM)  

I do love Malcolm Gladwell, but got to say you are being stubborn for coolness sake. My brother is doing the same thing. Have to say though, it sure is a nice way to keep in touch with our international friends that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle. Just don't become one of the people that constantly post super "cool" pictures or comments about what you are eating and how awesome they are and you will be alright! The world is just a better place with a little more Rob.

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