Pictures of our house in Sweden

Since everyone wanted some pictures, here you go. First, this is the view of the top of our house. Our house is the right side. The left side is having renovations. You can see the marina our in front of the house. There are steps that lead up to the hill that we took the picture from. It's pretty cool.

This is the view from our top balcony. You can also see the marina from here. Supposedly you can see the marina from the main balcony in the winter, but right now there are too many trees.

And this is what the inside of the house looks like: empty! Actually we have a few small pieces of loaner furniture, so we have a place to sit and a small tv to watch, but we are still waiting on our stuff. We got our car this week, and we thought we would get our airfreight (which should have been here a long time ago, but that is another story.) Anyway, our sea freight should get here just in time for biggie smalls...

AJ Candrian  – (12:43 PM)  

ohhhhh, pretty! Hope you get your stuff soon! So glad you are loving it there so much!

Mrs. Anderson  – (6:17 PM)  

looks amazing!!! I SO wish we could visit.

Mike  – (9:30 PM)  

You best be goin' to Ikea.

Amy C  – (9:46 PM)  

Can't wait to see all of that in person...even more pictures please! OH, and Lorena needs to post pictures of how big (or small) she is right now please!

Brittany  – (11:17 AM)  

Can you post more pictures of the house? How many rooms does it have? Does it have an upstairs or is it just one floor?

D.T  – (8:53 AM)  

Hey guys!
LOVED reading of your Swedish adventures.....especially the part about how small everything is -New Zealand is the same as Sweden in that sense, so when I come to the U.S I am always blown away by how HHHUUUGGGGEEEE everything is - ovens, fridges, juice, cars, roads - even toilet rolls! hee hee
Glad all is well
Keep up the great stories!!
Love Dale

Erin S  – (5:33 PM)  

So pretty! Hope your stuff gets there soon!

Maren  – (11:40 AM)  

So Beautiful! How fun!!! We can hardly wait for the baby. Hope you get your things soon. Lots of Love!

Dana Broderick  – (1:06 PM)  

Wow! very....Green! and beautiful!

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