Gigantic Things
1. A gigantic slug. They are everywhere. But this one was the biggest one I've seen yet. For perspective, that is my finger next to it.
You know when it rains and there are worms everywhere? And it can be especially gross when you are riding your bike and the worms get splattered all over?
Now, replace all those worms with monstrous slugs, and you will understand why I don't spend much time looking at the scenery when I go for bike rides here after it rains. And why I am quick to hop in the shower when I get home. Slug guts. Yum.

2. A gigantic Ikea.
This is the "original" Ikea, and the world's largest. I spent all day there like it was Disneyland.

3. A gigantic Lorena.
Here is that profile shot so many have requested. I am 38 weeks - only two more weeks till due date!!!

Andrea J  – (7:30 PM)  

I knew you'd be a cute prego.

Lisa  – (7:31 PM)  

You look fab -o -louse.. Man that would be so much fun, Ikea heaven. Hay we have a little something for you but I need your Home or a mailing addie

McLove  – (9:45 PM)  

You are so not gigantic. You are adorable! Good luck to you! You and my little sis are do the same time!

Sara  – (11:17 PM)  

You look awesome! Keep it up! That little babe will be here before you know it!

d  – (9:00 AM)  

looking awesome, I so with that I was with you at that Ikea!

Brittany  – (9:50 AM)  

Lorena -- you are still small! I think you're the size that I am right now and I am 10 weeks behind you!

Amy C  – (10:59 AM)  

Slugs are nasty, but you're rocking the whole pregnancy thing! I'm sure Rob is thankful you didn't get super fat. I saw a picture of one of my friends friends after she had a baby, she was GIGANTIC, and it was sick!

Joy Candrian  – (12:57 PM)  

Grow Michael Robert
10 days to go!
Lorena, you're so little & cute!
Slugs remind me of Oregon ones but I don't remember if they get that big.

Mrs. Anderson  – (3:57 PM)  

Teeny Lorena - too cute. But what's not cute is that slug, NASTY!!! TWO WEEKS - yeah!!!!!!

Dana Broderick  – (1:28 AM)  

i remember those slugs. my running partner would laugh because I would point every single one out. but seriously! they are HUGE! And you look so cute!!! only 2 more weeks! Exciting!

Maren  – (6:37 PM)  

Gross!!! Slugs....yuck! You on the other hand are darling as ever!!!

Bellie  – (4:42 PM)  

skön!! Those slugs look like they could knock you off your bike! Be careful. Mama

Anna  – (5:14 PM)  

Sue Haywood was just saying the other day that she thought you must be the cutest pregnant lady ever. I'm so glad we inducted her into our BFF club!

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