I will soon be old...

To celebrate my impending oldness, we have decided to go on a trip in March, when Lorena has Spring Break. But I am having a hard time deciding where we should go. We now have friends spread out around the world, so I am asking for your input on what a nice, get out of cold D.C. trip would be. Requirements include the ability to go to the beach, surf, and bike. If you don't like the choices in the poll, put something in the comments. And if you have been to any of the listed places, and have recommendations, feel free.

Brittany  – (2:54 PM)  

Brian and I want to go on either a Caribbean or Mediterranean
cruise in March or May. We're still deciding which one. I've heard Mediterranean crusies are awesome.

Lorena  – (1:09 PM)  

I vote Costa Rica. I'm your wife. My vote gets weighted times nine hundred million gazillion. Don't forget that when you count the final tally.

Yank in Edinburgh  – (4:08 PM)  

Hey, cousin. My vote would be to come visit us in Edinburgh, Scotland. As long as you do it before April, otherwise come visit us in Barcelona, Spain after that.



Sara  – (6:23 AM)  

I voted for you guys to go to Costa Rica BEFORE reading Lorena's comment. So don't think I was swayed. And if I went 6 weeks overdue, I'd probably slit my wrists!

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