Costa Rica it is...

The people have spoken. So I guess I better start planning...
Anybody who is interested in coming with us, shoot me an email!

Rachelle  – (1:20 AM)  

Count me in! Okay, maybe in my dreams. I'm jealous! :-)

d  – (3:16 AM)  

lame, Japan is way cooler.

Bellie  – (3:15 PM)  

I would love to go, too!! I have read about the awesome surfing and would love to learn to surf. But I have already booked my lovely vacation for the next 2 wks in the mid-West! Bummer. Advice on how to manage the really, really cold weather?

Amy  – (11:58 AM)  

You'd even let your little sister come?!?!?

lauren  – (12:32 PM)  

costa rica rocks - enjoy

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