Podium Girls
(picture from Kevin Dillard)
The next best thing to racing is playing mock podium girl at a race. Anna's only-child syndrome must have been fully satisfied after a long day of performing and attention seeking at the Kelley Acres cyclocross race. I can't say I wasn't satisfied from all the attention either. I just can't blame it on OCS (only-child-syndrome).
Top Ten Highlights of the day, in no particular order, except for #1:
1. teammate Jeanette's classy new cat slippers (meow!)
2. a strip of toilet paper stuck to my high heel without me realizing it (making my white trash facade not 100% facade)
3. the stares as I came out of the porta-john in my dress, high heels, and tiara
4. sleeves on my dress so big that they hardly fit through the doorway of the porta-john
5. watching and cheering the races
6. presenting 1st place award to Jeremiah Bishop (get outta my way, Miss Washington County!)
7. listening to Joe Jefferson, everyone's favorite race announcer, pull out random funny quips all day
8. the delicious pork BBQ sandwich. Miss Frederick County loves her some pork BBQ.
9. being with friends and teammates
10. laughing as some of the men who landed on the podium weren't quite sure how to take Anna's double-sided cheek kisses and EXTREMELY loud lip-smacking as she planted them

Chris Kelley said that she and Fred got a lot of people asking how they got Miss Frederick and Washington County to come out to the race, and it got me wondering how our Toys R Us tiaras and matching clip on earrings (note the realistic pink heart shaped rhinestones), uniboobs made up of shop towels, inch long fake eyelashes, over the top make up, thrift store dresses with sleeves that must've totally been a hit three decades ago, and American flag accessory - could possibly be passed off as the real thing? Rob made a good point about the sad commentary that might shed on actual pageantry. Perhaps we have a real future, Anna.
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Kudos to the Kelley's for putting on an awesome race!

Joshua and Joy  – (10:19 AM)  

I'd say you did a great job of playing a beauty queen!

AJ Candrian  – (4:25 PM)  

Classy. I'm sure someday your future children will see these pictures and be so proud of their mom. :)

Brittany  – (4:36 PM)  

Very interesting. :) Hey Lorena, when you get a chance will you email me that delicious chocolate-strawberry cake recipe (the one you made a couple weeks ago)? Thank you!

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