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Let's take a small step back in time...when the Warriors were coached by Nellie and had a rookie named Chris Webber. This was before 'Spre choked out PJ. Before the 12 year playoff drought. In fact some prognosticators claim that when the Warriors traded Webber for ...Tom Goggliota and three first round-picks, that was when their decline began. But now things have come full circle and the Warriors have signed C.Dub. Maybe this will be just the acquisition the Warriors need to add to their three world championships (two in Philly, and one in the City). That would be three more then the Jazz have.

Mike  – (10:17 PM)  

This is all so reminiscent of Ostertag.

Mrs. Anderson  – (2:08 AM)  

It's a nice thought, but I wouldn't put any money on them. Watch out for the lakers now with Gasol...

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