Three Weeks and Counting

In case some of you were wondering, "hmm, where will Rob get posted to overseas?" Well, I will find out in about three weeks, and then I will let you know. Here are some of the options:
Lisbon, Portugal
Rome, Italy
Stockholm, Sweden
Canberra, Australia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Bangkok, Thailand
Santiago, Chile
Seoul, South Korea
Panama City, Panama
Caraucus, Venezuela
Plus, I could get sent some other random place not on the list. Anyway, I really just wanted an excuse to post something and this is the best I could come up with. Tune back in three weeks from now to find out where I am going. Or you could tune back in early to see which race Lorena has either won, or crashed out of!

Mrs. Anderson  – (11:34 PM)  

I HATE waiting - I think you just wanted us to play the waiting game with you! Does this all remind you of waiting for your mission call???

Mike  – (2:14 AM)  

If you get sent to K-town, you know I'm gonna come visit!!!

Snow Crew  – (3:11 AM)  

All these places suck. I hear Japan is nice though.

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