The Curse of Memorial Day Weekend (dum-dum-dum!)
It was a dark and stormy night.
Really, it was.
Last night I couldn't make up mind about driving out to New Jersey for a bike race. Rob reminded me of my vow last year to stay indoors around the time of Memorial Day. I reviewed some history in my mind.
4 years ago, Memorial day - collision, bike vs. car. Six broken ribs, punctured lung, 9 days in the hospital.
3 ye
ars ago, Memorial day - crash, mtn bike vs. rocks. Over-the-handlebars endo into a pile of rocks. Bruises and enough blood to make my leg the main attraction to every fly, gnat and mosquito in the park.
2 years ago, Memorial day - crash, bike vs. pavement. During the Long Beach Memorial Day bike race, the girl directly in front of me went down, bringing me and four other girls drafting directly behind her down like dominoes.
1 year ago, the week of Memorial day - collision, bike vs. car. 3 days in the hospital. Lots of time spent in rehab.
This year, Memorial day - crash, bike vs. pavement. I actually had a bad feeling yesterday that I would be in a crash today, but I figured I was just being superstitious, so I ignored it and drove to Jersey for the race.
(Yes, Becca, I was in Jersey! It was all I could do to keep from calling you at what would have been four in the morning your time to tell you.) Well, with only one and a half laps left in the race, the speed was really heating up, and two girls clipped wheels right in front of me and did a spectacular, bikes thrown up into the air crash. It was unavoidable for me to ride right over the Lipton girl (double ouch for her!) and do a superman onto the pavement myself. Luckily, I landed about as nicely as you can going 25 mph onto asphalt, and only suffered a jammed wrist, swollen cherries on my knee and hip, some road rash, and *omigosh* a broken nail. The Advil girl broke her collarbone, and the Lipton girl's wounds were so bad she had to go to the hospital to get them dressed. So I was lucky, all in all. But still, jagged broken nails are so annoying. The worst was just not being able to finish the race. I felt absolutely FABULOUS today, like I could take over the world (Pinky and the Brain, anyone?), and instead all I did was drive back home with a good case of road rash.
So, maybe next year I'll just stay in bed on Memorial Day.

In response to Rob's blog about the Bike Jam race, the reason I was in last place for several laps was because I got behind a crash in that race also. I was able to stay upright by riding off the road and grabbing onto a fence, but then it took what felt like forever to catch back up to the main group. I don't know what my deal is with Memorial Weekend.
And just to clarify Rob's statement about my performance in his blog - as long as we're making opportunistic generalizations, I think we should equate 9th in one measly race to 9th best in the entire universe. At everything. Man, I'm always having to correct him!

Rachelle & Adam  – (2:02 AM)  

Well at least you didn't break your foot again.

Mrs. Anderson  – (10:20 PM)  

GREAT post!!!! I totally remember these injuries you are referring to, and yet I never realized they were all Memorial Day issues - that is a frightening thing. The funny part is, we all know there is no way you have learned your lesson - so, till next year :)

LISA  – (11:09 PM)  

Lorena I will play Mom... (well I can because I'm the oldest girl beside your Mom in the family)

You poor thing. We know your the best, but you need to be careful. You only have one body and a brain. Rob was right stay home in bed wrapped in ton of soft blankets.

Chipping a nail is just not ok What will the parents at your school think!! You might have Bill back you need to look your best to reprezzzent!!lol

Ok I'm back !You go girl But really be carefull Maybe you need to have your massage girl to come out from Calif. I hear the Advil girl has her number !!

Take care you speed Junkie

Snow Crew  – (1:02 AM)  

Is it bad that the most entertaining thing about this entry is the black cat picture? I am concerned abotu your safety, but you never will stop riding no matter how many times I nag you. Also, the bad luck symbolism of this black cat isn't lost on me, I just made up a story (probably accurate) to go along with it. I picture Lorena going through her library of cat images to choose this special one for this blog. Finally an excuse to use one her thousands of cat pictures! This one is named Silky, it resembles one of the cat figurines she has on her nightstand. Lorena is hoping that Rob will let her use Silky as her mascot!
At least those are the thoughts that make me laugh every time I check this blog entry!

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