Country Roads, Take Me Hooooooome
To the place
, I belooooooooooooooong
West Virginia, mountain momma
Country roads, take me home.This song has been ringing through my head for several days now, since I started out my summer vacation this week with a trip to the mountains of West Virginia. This yellow barn (used to house pigs) was converted into living quarters a few years back, and is now a popular escape for DC cyclists. My team came here a couple months ago for a quick training camp, and I've been itching to return ever since. So I was stoked when I found out that I could squander away my first week of summer break with some friends who are even more obsessed with cycling than I am. I loved every minute of it! The barn is at the peak of the mountain, so every ride starts with a fast, fun descent and ends with a killer climb back to the top.
This trip was perfect because of its simpleness. Each day revolved around large doses of riding, eating, and relaxing. That's it. Perfect.

Rachelle & Adam  – (11:58 PM)  

What a cool place to stay! Sounds like an ideal get away for you - it's obvious you had a fabulous time. Is the barn haunted by dead pigs from yesteryear? That would be scary unless you woke up to the smell of ghost bacon. Mmmmm, ghost bacon.

LISA  – (10:53 PM)  

ummm Bacon Rachells fav MEAT all MEAT!!!! piggy here piggy piggy lol It looks nice really. You know Cycling is big here too There is this guy you see once in a while in a yellow shirt Larry or Lance or Lenny??

We them riders all over these parts( ok but we are somewhat flat ) Enjoy you summer break !! I will miss you in JULY, remember my dream!!

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