Candrians Visit

Here are some more pictures of the fun visit we had with Rob's parents and his Aunt Sue. We all loved having them with us. The kids especially just ate them up.
The kids also loved getting to share a room for 10 nights and stayed up late every night with Michael climbing into Ella's crib, "reading" books in the dark, giggling, and singing with each other. When they got to have their separate rooms again, it took a couple days for Ella to stop begging for Michael after the lights were out, and for Michael to stop sneaking in.

Herzliya Beach


Kite Flying




Beach at Caesarea


Piggyback wars in the Ceasarea parking lot

AJ Candrian  – (1:21 PM)  

Looks so fun! Can't wait to come visit! I'm hoping Isaac and I can come in the fall some time. Fingers crossed!

Joy  – (11:47 PM)  

Loved our visit thank you so much for everything! I wondered if Michael & Ella would want to keep entertaining each other during bedtime. xoxo

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