This video below is really not that great except for the sake of seeing Michael. I guess that's probably true of this blog in general, so I don't know why I feel the need for the disclaimer.
The first part is Midsommarsafton, or midsummer's eve. It seems like one of the most celebrated holidays in Sweden. There are lots of big gatherings where the tradition is to pick wild flowers and greenery to decorate a huge maypole, raise it up, then sing and dance around it. And decorate flower wreaths to wear around the head. And eat disgusting things like pickled herring with mustard. Most include lots of beer, but since our party was mostly mormons, that part was left out. For many Swedes it marks the beginning of their looong summer vacation to their summer cabins - often 4 to 6 weeks - and the city really empties out.

The second part of the video is later the same day, and just shows Michael doing his favorite activity - pushing his stroller. He begs all day every day to go for a ¨little walk¨, which is basically 30 - 60 minutes of him pushing the stroller around where ever his nose leads him, until I've had enough and put him into the stroller (screaming, of course) and push him back home.

Brittany  – (1:03 PM)  

I hope this video wasn't recent. Because Lorena only looks about 6 months pregnant and isn't she supposed to have a baby next month?

Sara  – (3:45 PM)  

Love that you guys still break out the jeans and long sleeves. I'm glad we're not the only ones!

Lorena - you look awesome!!

AJ Candrian  – (8:49 PM)  

No disclaimer necessary! I just watched that video twice because it cracked me up so much. I love that he was twirling in circles while everyone else was holding hands dancing around the maypole. So funny!

Amy Lovell  – (10:07 PM)  

Oh my goodness, I want to eat that boy up, he's so CUTE!!!!! That video cracked me up.

RachelAA  – (12:09 PM)  

Oh my gosh you look adorable.

Whitney V  – (1:54 AM)  

Lorena! Wow! I've been totally out of the blogging loop--trying to re-enter. I'm glad you commented on my recently updated, very behind, blog post. So, I'm just now seeing that your pregnant! Congrats! And that your little "Biggie Smalls" is SOOO FREAKIN' CUTE!!! Wow. Seriously! Good thing you two are making more babies. ;) Looks like Sweden is treating you well.

Carin  – (4:48 PM)  

Why why why do kids love pushing strollers so much?? Biggie does seem to love it a little more than David does though, although David shares and probably exceeds Biggie's screaming when placed into a stroller.

David's favorite thing is bags with wheels. They don't even have to be ours and it certainly doesn't matter if they weigh over 25kg. Thanks for a great couple of days. xxx

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