Gröna Lund

We took Smalls to the local theme park - Gröna Lund.  He really really really liked the train.  I think we rode it 10 times.  The conductor would blow a horn before each ride, and Smalls would say "Choo Choo."  Besides the train, there was a blatant "Dumbo" ride rip-off, which he liked.  Even though those were his favorites, when we would ask him which rides he wanted to go on, he would point to all the big roller coasters, that spin and go upside down, etc., and say "that one!".  Occasionally, he would even take off running towards them.  But his plans were always foiled by the blasted height restrictions.  Sorry, buddy.  You are too small.  We bought a season pass for one adult (since Michael gets in for free) so that all the people who come visit this summer can take him on the rides.

Andrea J  – (11:06 AM)  

You're a cute Preggo - what's the countdown?

Amy Lovell  – (4:12 PM)  

Man, I just need money, and permission from someone and I'd be there in a heart beat! I love that little guy!

Anna  – (11:56 AM)  

Yay!!!! I've been hoping for some new Smalls photos! OH, and I love your earings!

Brittany  – (5:03 PM)  

So cute! We're currently at Hilton Head--James' first beach trip and I kept thinking about how much fun he and Michael would be having if only Michael were here with us. I'm sure James would love the roller coasters, too. I guess it's about time I break down and get our passports.

Joy  – (11:53 AM)  

Oh Grandpa will have fun with Michael there! I'm hoping someone will take a lot of photos since Mike refuses to take a camera. He says he's traveling "light" and can borrow anything from Rob if he needs it.

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