Utah Trip

Here are some pictures from the Utah trip:


Note:  we didn't take any pictures.  We brought our camera but I guess there were enough people snapping photos that we just spaced it.  So all of these pics were taken by others...

Short recap:
-  Michael was able to visit his real home country, AMERICA! He was so excited to go to America that he was on his best behavior for the whole flight.  We were seriously amazed at how good he was.  Random strangers were offering to hold him and were taking pictures because they thought he was so cute.  It was a wedding miracle (not people thinking he was cute, but him being good for more then 15 mins.)
-  Michael met his buddy and Candrian cousin, James, who is two months younger then him.  Michael found him interesting for about 15 mins that then decided that the most interesting thing about James was his pacifier - which he could steal.  But not steal to suck on (like most kids) steak to chew on.  He is weird.
-  Amy got married to John in Manti - the same place where my grandparents were sealed back, back, back in the day.  It was hot out so Smalls decided to try and charm everyone at the wedding lunch by going shirtless.
-  Michael got to hang out with his Grandparents and go on a swing!  Smalls loves swings.
-  Michael got to go to Park City.
-  Michael met his Godfather, Craig (no pictures)
-  Michael got to meet almost all of his Davis cousins (sorry no pictures) and go swimming and play with a bunch of cool new toys.
-  Michael got to hang with his Grandparents again.
-  Michael met Noah (Ali and Steph's cute kid, who is almost two) (again, sorry, no pictures)
-  Michael travelled to Minnesota where we spent the night at Mike and Sara's new house and had fun chasing Max, Alexis, and Kermit (the dog).  (no pictures)
-  Michael again amazed us by being a super happy, nice baby while we flew back to Sweden.
-  Michael and Lorena have jet leg, and Michael returned to his sometimes happy, sometimes grumpy ways.
The End.

P.S.  Since we had tons of great family around who were willing to watch Biggie Smalls (he has a way of charming people into wanting to watch him) Lorena and I were able to go on the Alpine Slide and Coaster in Park City, play tennis, visit friends, go mountain biking, see a movie, and go out to dinner.  This was the first movie we had seen in a theater in a year and a half (we don't watch a lot of movies anyway, but still...)!

Smalls, James, and Amy at the wedding lunch.
We tried to give Michael and James a bath together.  They were not enthused.

matching outfits, thanks Aunt Andrea
meeting James, trying to steal his pacifier
sweet, a piano
Grandma and Grandpa were nice enough to try and entertain me when I woke up at 6:00 so my parents could keep sleeping.   Here I am with Grandpa's glasses
For some reason, my Grandma loves me so much it brings tears to my eyes...
fun at the pool in Park City
Grandpa and his grandsons

Erin S  – (7:00 PM)  

He is such a cute little guy! I'm so glad I got to see all of you!

KellySummer  – (7:26 PM)  

hey jerks...you forgot to mention the most IMPORTANT part of your trip...meeting Ollie and playing tennis OF COURSE.

Mrs. Anderson  – (9:30 PM)  

Amazingly handsome photos :)

Brittany  – (10:29 PM)  

I miss you guys already . . .

AJ Candrian  – (10:29 PM)  

There is absolutely no denying that I have the cutest nephews in the world. Hands down. I miss those boys so much! I'm going to need to come visit again sooner than I predicted. Also, that bath incident still makes me laugh whenever I think about it. I will cherish that moment (and that picture) always.

Rob  – (2:03 AM)  


I mentioned tennis. Sorry, it was me (Rob) writing and not Lorena!

Mike  – (7:16 PM)  

Thanks again for stopping by our place in Minneapolis! It was sooo nice to see you guys!

Amy C  – (12:10 AM)  

I miss you, too, will you PLEASE come home for Christmas!? I didn't get enough quality time in with my nephews, or you and Lorena. Love you guys!

d  – (11:43 PM)  

YOU WERE IN AMERICA!!????!!! You have some explaining to do!!!

Rob  – (2:37 PM)  


We were only in Utah. Sorry, we didn't make it to the CA. And please, add me to your blog. Thanks.

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