Watch This
and just try telling me it doesn't make you want to get out and ride your bike.
I know I just wrote a post about how much I love xc skiing, but honestly, I am dying to go on an epic bike ride like this. I always miss California the most in February. Especially right now when I live in a place where the amount of sunlight I have seen over the last few months couldn't even be counted in days, rather in hours and minutes. It has a real dampening effect on energy and motivation. But this video just got me all stoked.

Thule "Bike Spot" from Nathan Avila on Vimeo.

To all of my biking friends, please check out this Aussie cycling blog (where I saw the above video). It is my new favorite website. You will like it or your money back, guaranteed.

Amy C  – (10:57 AM)  

You know, that kind of made me want to get into biking this summer. I think I've wanted to get into it for awhile now, I'm always envious of the bikers who zoom past me when I'm running...they go so much faster!

K-country  – (10:22 PM)  

Kelley Acres misses you!!

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