First, that cat is awesome. There are more videos like that, if you found it mildly humorous.

Second, it seems that Pres. Obama and the Candrians have similar tastes in Hamburger joints. POTUS and VPOTUS stopped into our favorite local hamburger place today. We weren't there, and now we probably won't be able to go there forever because it will be super crowded since it was already crowded before this, but if you are ever in the D.C. area (the restaurant is in Arlington, VA) you need to visit Ray's. It is delicious, and not too expensive. And you just might see the president - or the future president if I'm there and Pres. Obama isn't.

Amy  – (11:02 PM)  

HAHA, what in the world was this?

Brittany  – (9:48 AM)  

I hope taste in dogs and food is all you have in common with them. If not, you will be a horrible president.

d  – (7:43 AM)  

I knew that you were a closet cat lover. You two are a match made in heaven. Okay- my turn for baby comments and you know that Cannon is your favorite kid so here are the goods that helped distract from our poor parenting methods.

Sling and bjorn, we used both. for hiking the bjorn is better. Every day use go sling although it definitely has a learning curve for the user. I will make you one for you, just let me know. There is an 85% chance that your baby won't die while using my faulty sewing products- and 100% chance the sling will be darling!

If you are planning on having more than one kid and running with either,
DEFINITELY get the Phil and Ted's stroller. You may not be able to see that far into the future to plan for, so if you aren't going to get that awesome stroller just go for something light, cheap and foldable.
We have had EVERY kind of stroller- jogger, ligthweight Combi style, expensive, cheap, infant carrier, umbrella so save the money and just get the best kind from the start, the P&T- you won't regret it.

Get the medela breast pump. Again expensive, but can save your life if you are wanting to nurse but it isn't going really well at first. Remember when we spent the night on the boat in the marina and I had to use the pump? Rob was in the next compartment kept singing "Give bessy give, the baby has to live". Totally embarrassingly accurate song. breast pumps = anti sexy.

Higlands Teething Tablets.

Lastly, buy what you want and figure it out on your own. You never know what will work and what won't for you or your kid. Can't wait!

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