The Grammys

So Lorena and I are watching the Grammys, and Kid Rock is preforming, which begs the question: Who listens to Kid Rock? Seriously? We saw him and we changed the channel and started watching Teen Wolf. Kid Rock? How does this guy make money and show up on the Grammys? Do any of you out there in Internetland own a Kid Rock album? Have you ever met anyone who does? I mean this could be a deal breaker: you meet someone and they own a Kid Rock album. Would you really want this person in your life?

Anna  – (12:33 PM)  

Definite deal breaker. Worse than roller blading.

dj cyclone  – (8:55 AM)  

Kid Rock can play his instrument, sing, write songs, has energy, is an entertainer and a good businessman. That might help you get on the Grammies. He plays direct solid music that appeals to a lot of people. Maybe not your cup of tea but a bonafide entity. He also genre hops authentically. Have you heard his country duet hit song with Cheryl Crow, "Picture" I think it is called? Along with the bombastic big rock songs which maybe offend some but are really just riffing and schtick (think ACDC who also offend some sensibilies) he covers a range of topics from working class woes to complications of inter racial off spring. Not term papers just field reports. I'm not saying necessarily that I have him in heavy rotation but when he comes on the radio or blasting from neighbors garage speakers I can appreciate the skills. Probably many of the folks who WON'T be lining up for Coldplay tickets might own a Kid Rock disc or two. I'm just saying. It is a great big world with lots of gradient (and plenty of channels)

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