On Open Letter to the Anonymous Idiot that Hit my Car While We were on Vacation:

Thanks for being so awesome and honest and leaving a note after you hit my new car, which is what a decent respectable person would do. The car only had 300 miles on it, so I guess it was due to be damaged. I'm sure I was somehow responsible, since my car was in a parking space, parked and all, in a parking lot, far away from other cars so this exact thing wouldn't happen. But you didn't let my clear culpability stop you from doing what was right. Way to take responsibility for your own actions - you are a great example to us all. You are a person of high moralistic integrity. This world needs more people like you.

Oh wait -

You didn't leave a note.

You suck.

Instead, it looks like you tried to sweep away the broken pieces of my beautiful new car.
Alas, your attempted cover-up wasn't quite as successful as you may have hoped.
Just a little FYI about attempting to remove/destroy evidence, since I don't have much faith that the next time you hit someone, you will actually take responsibility:
1. Just because you swept the pieces of my tail light and bumber to the curb, doesn't mean that I wouldn't see them. Next time, if you are going to make the effort to cover up what you did, try harder - you know - like maybe picking up the pieces and throwing them away or something?
2. Just because you tried to sweep away the pieces, doesn't mean that I wouldn't NOTICE THAT YOU HIT MY CAR. It's quite apparent.
3. Simply sweeping away the pieces didn't remove the green paint that your vehicle left on mine.

I would post a picture, but I am too sad.

P.S. A happy post about the Utes victory in the Sugar Bowl (which I attended) will soon follow.

P.S.S. I think it was the garbage truck, but my apartment is checking the camera. Hopefully something is on tape.

Anna  – (5:55 PM)  

Jeff and I volunteer to help you find the guilty party and give them a well deserved round house kick to the face (neither of us knows how to do that, but we can take a class or something...)

Mike  – (6:00 PM)  

Ouch baby, real ouch!

Mrs. Anderson  – (6:29 PM)  

SUCKS!!!!! Right after I got my car I came out of Target to find a scratch and dent on my passenger door. Jackson and I waited for about a half hour or so for the owner of the car next to us.... well she asked her little daughter if she hit my car with their white Suburban door leaving behind white paint on my door, and her daughter said no. That was that - the lady took off. People can really be idiots!

Rachelle  – (9:26 PM)  

I can't believe it! That bites. Especially when you guys deserve good karma after flat out giving your other car away to a family whose car was totalled. Thanks again.

AJ Candrian  – (3:10 PM)  

The garbage truck? Did you park by the dumpster or something? I'm sad for you. That was a nice car.

Lisa  – (7:22 PM)  

No WAY!! AGGG!! People BLOW !!!!

Brittany  – (4:27 PM)  

I am so sorry to hear about your car! After my car was totalled just by being parked in front of my house at the wrong time, I don't think I will ever invest in an expensive car, especially not in a big city.

Drew Turk  – (6:55 PM)  

that sucks, but what i am wondering is statement about living in an apartment. Did you not end buying the property with the two cottages. Sorry I can't remember. I do remember the ease you were having securing financing when millions less responsible than yourselves weren't so lucky.

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