Five Years Ago Today...
it didn't even cross my mind to buy digital images of my wedding pictures. So this is one of the only digital pics that I have, courtesy of my MIL. Look, Rob with hair and me without facial scars.

I just read that the fifth year anniversary is the wood anniversary. How lame is that? Nothing says I love you like something wooden. Next year is candy or iron. I guess that's a small step up, but seriously, who decided these? What I need right now is a carbon fiber anniversary. Rob would probably appreciate a Porsche anniversary.

One of my favorite wedding day memories was on our car drive to our honeymoon hotel after the reception. The song "So Happy Together" came on the radio, and we turned up the volume and just started busting out singing on the top of our lungs. This is where I am very tempted to get sappy, but I will spare Rob of publicizing too much of that.
But I will say that the past five years have involved all the random bursts of singing and laughing I could ever want. Over and out.

Brittany  – (9:25 PM)  

Happy Anniversary you two! I can't believe it's been 5 years already. Time sure flies -- actually, I have to say it really does seem like it has been 5 years. That seems forever ago! :)

Andrea J  – (11:31 PM)  

happy anniversary! for our wood anniversary we're getting a media storage cabinet. my favorite memory from 5 years ago was waking up to you on the sofa in the blue house. do you remember what you were wearing? oh man, it was awesome

Rachelle  – (10:29 AM)  

Oh, come on, let's hear the sappy stuff! Happy 5 year anniversary! (BTW - I was given the option of digital photos from our wedding photographer and I said NO! Not sure what I was thinking.) Can't wait to see you two in a couple of weeks!

Mrs. Anderson  – (10:44 AM)  

I am so happy for you guys, you really are an amazing couple. And isn't it crazy to look back and see how different we looked only a short time ago. I hope you guys had an amazing day!!

Joshua and Joy  – (12:09 PM)  

Happy Anniversary! That's such a beautiful photo of the two of you.

Mike  – (6:49 PM)  

Congrats on making it 5 years. Though, 5 years without kids really isn't too tough;) I miss your hair Rob. Are implants out of the realm of possibility?

Kay  – (6:36 PM)  

What a gorgeous picture!!! When you practically only see someone dressed in biking spandex, the switch to a wedding gown is truely amazing! Happy 5th! The sentiment in your blog made me smile.

Melissa  – (6:45 AM)  

It was fun to catch up on you two. You are hilarous! It's hard to believe 5 years have passed so quickly! I'm so sad about your accident. Hope you are healing nicely:)

Dana Broderick  – (5:29 PM)  

Congrats! Come on! Where is the sap? That is what I live for.

Anna  – (10:43 AM)  

Happy Anniversary! I love the sappy stuff ...wishing you both a life time of heartfelt musical outbursts.

As for the wood thing ...yeah, that's kind of a bummer. I guess it gives young couples time to get on their feet. Maybe a bamboo bike would make for a nice anniversary present?

ps - you're the most beautiful bride ever

The Winns  – (1:50 AM)  

Rob you've been married 5 years and I've never met your wife. Guess we haven't seen each other for a bit. Lorena, props for putting up with him for 5 years, you must be pretty special. Congrats to you guys and as far as the wood anniversary, no comment.

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