Recycle Your Bicycle
To anyone who has unused bikes gathering spiderwebs in your garage - The Potomac School Community Service Club is doing a used bicycle collection to benefit Bikes for the World on Saturday, May 10 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the parking lot of Trinity United Methodist Church in McLean, VA. Your unused bike will be sent overseas to be used as transportation for someone who really needs it. They are asking for about $10 per bicycle to help defray shipping, processing, and distribution costs. But, to make the donation super-duper-easy on anyone who has a bike they can give, I'll come pick it up for you and pay the shipping cost. Contact me!

Brittany  – (3:05 PM)  

I wish I had a bike to donate! We probably have tons of them at home in Utah that no one uses.

Mike  – (4:28 PM)  

My wife says I have at least a couple of bikes to donate. Methinks not. You are doing a good thing here! I wish you much success!

Lindy  – (3:24 PM)  

I don't own a bike, but if I happen upon one I'll know just what to do with it. I've just discovered your blog via Jesse Winn. You guys are hilarious...though I do resent the food-related comments re: our high school reunion. (How many years since our road trip to LA...or Buffet for that matter?)

Rob  – (6:20 PM)  

Hey Lindy and Heather, if you guys have blogs, let me know and I will add you to my links of "people we are down with." I know its quite an honor, but you both are probably worthy of it...

Sara  – (3:06 PM)  

Yes, he does have a few donatable bikes. if only we were closer, I'm sure one would magically find it's way over...

gwadzilla  – (9:08 AM)  

this sort of thing should happen in every community!


I would love to see the bicycles used locally

DC should have a WANT A BIKE... YOU GOT A BIKE program

get the people out of the buses and onto the streets

decrease the bus usage
decrease congestion
increase the bike population

decrease obesity and so much more

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