Candrian athletic endeavors...

Lorena was in what ended up being the winning break at the Poolesville Road Race on Saturday, except her tire didn't want to cooperate. Flat tire, and have fun chasing! Thats two races in a row with a mechanical problem. Is Lorena's old Trek somehow sabotaging her new Specilialized in some form of jealous sibling bike rivalry? They do share the same bedroom/garage in our apartment? Who knows. She still got 12th. Next weekend we are off to the NYC for a race. Hopefully no mechanical problems.

And, because I know most readers of this blog are interested in my athletic exploits (I do have some, sort of), I will provide a quick recap of my saturday soccer game. We took a quick 1-0 lead and held it to halftime. The other team came out firing, and soon we were down 2-1. But have no fear, because I was finally playing forward in this game, and you know what that means...
I (finally) scored. Well, it was a only a four game scoreless streak, but that is too long. I mean seriously, as I used to tell Cuddy when we were on the mission, if I played in the Premiere league, I'd probably average a goal a game. He would get so mad when I said that, as if I was serious. Anyway, in the end, we drew 2-2. We are now 0-2-2. Our record may be another reason why I haven't posted about any of our games...but we are improving.

And because I feel bad about knocking Lorena's post about the bike drive off of the top of the blog...PLEASE DONATE A BIKE, if you have one (see below). That's all for today...

Mike  – (8:24 PM)  

great job on the goal Beckham! You still are the only guy I know that played collegiate soccer.

Dana Broderick  – (11:28 PM)  

YAY! You are coming to NYC! paaaaarrrtaaaaayyyyyyyy!

Mike  – (12:21 AM)  

I'm diggin' that Marlena Shaw track too.

Audrey  – (11:46 AM)  

Rob, I am glad you found my blog. Reading your blog it is easy to see that your wife is a teacher and a pretty amazing biker, but what do you do in DC I mean besides ripping it up on the soccer field? Oh, and about my baby's name, Scott's name is really Michael Scott, his dad's name is also Michael, and my dad's name is Robert, but your right I really justed named him after an old high school bet:)

Rob  – (6:03 PM)  


Good to hear from you. Send me an email sometime ( We are in DC because I work for the State Department. We will be here for another year and then we will be moving to Sweden, where I will work out of the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm for a few years.

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