The State of Sports in THE CITY

Where have you gone, Will Clark? A nation turns it's lonely eyes to you. As this blog points out, the Bay Area is having a bad run in the sports world. And this was before the Bonds indictment. I think it is karmanic (a word?) payback for all of the great years I enjoyed as a kid when the 49ers were dominating in football and the Giants and Warriors were half decent. For further information about how craptastic the Bay Area has been in Sports lately, see here (although fair warning: in trying to keep this blog family friendly they start the linked post with a word found in the bible, describing a place that is really hot.)

While we are on the topic of steroids and baseball - not to mention my random musings on life - I can't wait until they announce that Roger Clemens was on the juice. I dislike him very much.

And, while I forgot to comment about this when it was announced a few months ago - and no one except for me, my Dad, and Scott Briggs will even care - but how did Will Clark not get more votes for the Hall of Fame? That is unacceptable.

Finally, I was listening to the Dan Patrick radio show a few weeks ago and he was intervewing Tommy Lasorda. Is it just me, or should the combination of obesity and alcoholism have taken his life long ago?

Mike  – (11:54 PM)  

Will Clark didn't make the Hall of Fame because everyone on the admissions panel had a copy of that picture of him hanging off the trolley car. Boy looks gay to me, I'm just sayin...

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