If this wasn't so incredibly hilarious, it might be a little amazing. I think my feelings regarding this are probably somewhat akin to how a competitive swimmer feels about synchronized swimming.

Dana Broderick  – (9:18 PM)  

WOW! I don't know what to say! really that was, WOW! What in the heck was she wearing too! Was that a she-man or what? Those are really some amazing tricks. You going to work on some of those sweet moves now Lorena?

Andrea J  – (11:36 PM)  

I could only watch about 45 seconds of that, it was terrible. I'd rather watch synchronized swimming.

Mrs. Anderson  – (12:12 AM)  

Lorena your jealousy really is getting the best of you. I think you should master these and then post your performance online!! I look forward to your g-string.

Rachelle & Adam  – (1:21 AM)  

I'm going to keep an eye out for that sweet bike on Ebay. Christmas is just around the corner, Lorena!

Snow Crew  – (8:44 AM)  

That video was awe-inspiring. Pro cycling has nothing on that. I think some of those moves are illegal outside the Czech Republic.

My favorite part was the last part when the music was really dramatic and the camera zoomed in unnecessarily.

But are you sure that wasn't you Lo?


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