Lorena, if she had been a beauty contestant...

I found this on another blog. It is funny. Unless you are part of the 20% of U.S. Americans that she is talking about...And, yes, that is A.C. Slater hosting.

Rachelle & Adam  – (12:27 AM)  

Wow, good post! That would TOTALLY be Lorena! :-) I had to watch that a few times, just to bask in the incoherency of it all like such as.

Mrs. Anderson  – (9:02 PM)  

I have listened to this all day - it never got old!!!

McLove  – (2:37 AM)  

Hello Candrians! We miss yiou guys. How are things?

LISA  – (2:02 PM)  

Ahhh ok that is sad to much Aqua Net maybe. That is like a train wreck. I'm going to ask Abby when she gets home to do it !!

KellySummer  – (12:31 PM)  

that is genius. i am proud to say that i don't think i could come up with something that stupid if i tried.

Dana Broderick  – (9:49 PM)  

I personally believe that Lorena is a better US American than Miss South Carolina because she would be able to locate The America on a map because she is a teacher and, such as, she would see maps at school even though she doesn't have one at home.....

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