Spring Break!

Spring break was fabulous! I got to do lots of bike racing and visit many of the people I miss so much in California. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera. So this is pretty much the most boring blog of text ever. All I have is a couple pictures from the Jeff Cup Road Race a couple weekends ago. I got third place, my best yet for a pro1,2,3 race. Isn't this picture beautiful? It was a really beautiful day in a perfect place to ride.

I got to meet my darling neice, Tori. She is a doll! Canon might have some competition for the best baby ever. And it was so much fun to have some good sister time with Rachelle.

I got to go mtn biking with Ralph on one of my favorite trails, often refered to as "Space Mountain", for obvious reasons. When I was driving away through the beautiful canyon near the trails, I was listening to my favorite cheesy music station, the Coast, and "This Used to be my Playground" came on the radio. It pretty much had me in tears. I love and miss that place so much!

It was a blast to hang out with many of my old Pepperdine friends - Rachel, Becca, Ryan, Whitney, Matt, Shelley, and Scott. Not much has changed; it felt just like old times. Becca and Ryan were as stoked to get Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pez candy dispensers from me (as gifts for their hospitality) as I would have ever expected. And how exciting to find out that Shelley is now expecting a baby!

It was also wonderful to see Dena and her new baby, Peri (so cute!), as well as my good friend Gina Vincent. It is such a blessing to have such great people in my life.

Mrs. Anderson  – (8:29 PM)  

I am glad you had such a nice time. I too was bummed about not bringing a camera.

Also I totally feel you on being so sad leaving Malibu!

Rachelle & Adam  – (12:27 AM)  

So glad you made it! I had such a good time and Tori just ADORES you. California just isn't the same without you.

Snow Crew  – (1:38 AM)  

Ohhh- double whammy! You get to visit CA with out us there AND Cannon has competition for greatest baby! Glad you had a great time, beautfil pix, and maybe this competition is worthy to be Cannon's sugar momma!

Lorena  – (1:09 PM)  

Ooooooo - great idea Dayna! Hear that Rachelle? Tori already has a husband prospect. Canon's quite a charming young man for her.

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