Lorena places 15th at the U.S. Open


In her first "big time" pro road race Lorena placed 15th, in the money! Way to go Woman!

Pics will be posted in the future.

Jena Wise  – (7:41 PM)  

Congratulations! Okay, this is really random, but I just remembered the time you rode so far down PCH that it turned into the freeway and a cop told you that you had to turn back. Guess it paid off?

Lisa  – (12:07 AM)  

15th of my goodness !!! Man

Mike  – (12:15 AM)  

Wow! That's is freakin' awesome! I can't believe it! Keep it up! Who knows how far you can go? I'm proud to say that I have ridden with you before.

Mrs. Anderson  – (12:28 AM)  

Can words even express my amazement..... nope! Well done

Rachelle & Adam  – (10:27 PM)  

Wow, Lorena! That's AWESOME. You are an incredible athlete, and you make me proud. I brag to my friends that my sister is a pro biker. Hope they don't think it means you're really good on a Harley. I just dream about the rush I would get if I rode on your handle bars at one of those competitions. Maybe we could buy pegs and Russ could hop on the back as well. That would be SWEET!

Snow Crew  – (6:42 AM)  

ditto on everyone else's comments! AND props to Ro-ber for being so supportive!

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