Big 36 Year Old

The only thing that makes me happier than Ella's pictures is her notes. She doesn't entirely understand why I have this on the wall with the writing face up instead of the lovely picture, but it makes me happy every time I see it, to think that I am her big 36 year old girl. 
 I am feeling all grown up with this apple watch I got for my birthday. Was pretty stoked to discover I could take an infinity picture with it combined with my phone. Love. Thirty six fits me nicely.

Joy Candrian  – (10:27 AM)  

I love Ella'a note!

Jackpot Series  – (2:12 PM)  
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Anna  – (6:16 AM)  

I'm just curious to know what kind of input jackpot series had to offer? Seriously though, what a treasure! I love it when our own words of love to our children come back around to hold us. Happy Birthday again!!!

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