Slow Dance to Three Little Kittens

I'm not sure if this video passes as even mildly amusing to others, but Rob and I were in hysterics watching it together.
Yesterday I called Michael and Ella in for lunch and neither responded. I peeked into the sunroom to find them embraced, swaying in perfect unison to the music. Not wanting to ruin the moment, I just sat there and watched the perfect moment from behind the window, trying to stifle my laughter (an impromptu slow dance to Three Little Kittens!) and also almost in tears at the sweetness of it. And then Michael hit repeat and they did it again! By the third round I was willing to risk sneaking a video through the open door, and this is what I caught of their third slow dance together. I'm quite amused at Michael's kisses, Ella wiping them off, and then her perplexed look when she gets pushed away at the end of the dance.
Sweet siblings...

AJ Candrian  – (7:28 PM)  

Oh my goodness. I was laughing so hard! Did he see this in a movie or on TV or something (a couple dancing and kissing)? The kissing though... awkwardly hilarious! They will never want to see that once they are older!

Rob  – (1:32 PM)  

from Lorena: Andrea - I'm sure they got it from watching Rob and I. Not that we go around slow dancing all the time, but we've had enough impromptu moments with music in the kitchen. And, yeah, hopefully they don't kill me for posting this on the blog when they are older. Hopefully they will find the humor in it. :) If not, good blackmail.

Brittany  – (11:05 AM)  

Wow. I laughed hysterically at first and then it got semi bizarre/awkward which made it all the more hilarious. Oh kids. How do they come up with these things?

Amy Lovell  – (2:47 PM)  

Oh man, those two are hilarious. I don't know what I liked more, the fact that Michael kept wanting to give Ella kisses, or that he shoved her away at the very end and started playing with something else, as if they were never even dancing at all.

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