Happy Father's Day!

Brittany  – (9:35 PM)  

So Rob can laugh if he wants, but that totally made me cry. Please post more videos. That is the first time I've "heard" Ella talk and she's so cute it made me cry. I miss you guys too much.

Joy Candrian  – (11:16 AM)  

Love this, good job Lorena for putting it together for Rob. Yes, my grandchildren are adorable!

Amy Lovell  – (11:27 AM)  

You are the cutest mom ever, and your children follow suit with being the cutest kids ever! I just love them...and that brother of mine!

AJ Candrian  – (1:05 PM)  

That made me teary-eyed too (I thought it was just because I was pregnant), so I'm glad it had the same effect on Britt. Your children are delightful!

Though, I think my favorite was that Rob taught them to bark like a seal.

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