Ella, 9.5 months

This one is dedicated to describing Ella beyond just how nice she is.

She loves to claw my face. She loves to munch on my face. She loves to try to poke out my eyeballs. One of the few things in life that really gets her steamed up is when she is trying to examine my eyeball with her fingers and I shut them. Serious anger!
Face scraped up, compliments of klutzy mom.

She is really careful. She is crawling, pulling herself up, balancing standing for short spells, and walking with the push-wagon. And, yes, she has accidents. Some days she looks like she walked through a war zone. But, when Michael was that age, it was like an accident every 5 minutes, and so I thought that was just normal. Turns out, there are carefuller models of children! I think he hit milestones earlier than he should have, out of sheer determination, and was a serious hazard to himself. Ella sort of figures stuff out first and then does it and actually pays attention to what she is doing and fares pretty well. I'd say this has produced about a 90% reduction in the rate of accidents compared to her older sibling. I am really not supposed to do this comparison stuff, am I? Sorry, kids.

Last week we went on a hike and I rolled my ankle and fell face forward with Ella in the Baby Bjorn. I always feared that was bound to happen. I broke most of the fall with my hands and elbows but she still scraped her face. I felt so awful! I was hurt and so Rob wanted to carry her the rest of the way for me, but I wouldn't let him because I needed to hold her to comfort me. She and I have a backwards relationship that way. She is always making me feel better.

She loves music and really gets going bouncing along to it.

She loves to clap and will clap back anytime that I do.

She likes to wave and say "hi" in the sweetest sounding baby voice.

She is generally pretty mellow, but she goes bonkers with excitement for cats and dogs.

She sort of does the sign for dog and butterfly.

It's still pretty easy to take stuff away from her without too much fuss. Luckily, because Smalls often gets stuff out that she shouldn't have. It is a good thing my kids came in this order.

She probably ate about 3 tablespoons of food total today. We are not making much progress with weaning. I try so hard not to worry about it. But trying not to care is just not the same as not caring, is it?

Still no teeth.

A couple nights ago she started wailing about 10 minutes after I put her to bed. She had reached to the tissue box on the nightstand and batted it to its side so she could pull out all the tissue through the crib slats. There was a massive wad in her mouth and dribbling down her chin and wet chewed wads all over the crib and tissue everywhere. Since she didn't choke I guess it was kind of funny. Before she started screaming I could hear her making happy little coos, but little did I know how much fun she was having. I keep her crib empty otherwise so I thought she was just thinking about unicorns. It made me feel like an idiot for not noticing that she could possibly reach the tissue....it turned out funny but could have been bad.

She loves to play "where's Ella?", or basically me throwing a blanket over her face.

When crawling around, she often pauses, sprawls out her body to lay down for a minute like she's just taking a little chill, and then resumes. 

She likes getting sprayed in the face with water. I thought all kids hated that. She laughs.

AJ Candrian  – (4:49 PM)  

It was fun to see Rob this week. I wish I could have seen all of you. She sure is a cute little girl!

RachelAA  – (6:14 PM)  

I love that she comforted you after your fall. And I think the tissue is hilarious - love stories like that!!

Brittany  – (9:02 PM)  

I wish I could spend a day playing with her. She sounds so darling. Don't worry about the no teeth thing (maybe you aren't). James didn't get any until he was 14 months! :)

Hopefully we can see you guys soon. We sure do miss you.

Joy  – (3:15 PM)  

Oh, I so want to spend time with you guys again! Thanks for more details about our darling little girl.

KellySummer  – (3:57 PM)  

:) cute. :) i'm excited for Henny and Ella to be friends this summer.

Amy Lovell  – (4:25 PM)  

She's so darling. I love these little facts about her, I only wish I could see her more often, thankfully this summer isn't too far away!

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