Michael and Ella

Michael, 2.5 yrs:
- still sleeps like this sometimes. I wonder how old he will be and still doing this? It reminds me he is still my baby.
- sang "I am a child of God" at church during testimony meeting today. Just went straight up to the microphone and belted it out for the whole congregation without an iota of reservation.
- learns songs in the blink of an eye. Knows more than I can count. He plays backseat DJ any time we are driving and is constantly asking "hey, mom, can you get ----- going?" or "can you crank it up?" or "I want the ----- song again!" or "this song is boring, let's find another one". I guess that actually makes me his DJ then, doesn't it? His current fixation is the Jay-Z version of "It's a Hard Knock Life" (radio edit, or course!) and we have listened to it about 500 times this week.
- is totally a daddy's boy. Goes out to the balcony everyday to wave bye to Rob as he rides away on his bike, and calls out emotion laden "bye, daddy, I love you!"'s for long, long after Rob is already out of sight. 
Colored vinegar fizzling in pan of baking soda. Fun tip from my sister.
- still loves letters and numbers and is surprisingly observant. Last week at breakfast he exclaimed "Hey! It says Ella on the milk!". And, sure enough, it was right there in the milk label, "Mellanmjölk".
- rode about 2 miles on his Strider bike yesterday, up and down some big hills on trails. Fast enough I often found myself jogging to keep up. It was like going on a mtn biking outing together. He is pure joy on the downhills, just lifting those feet up and speeding down. It's the best feeling to share a sport I love so much with him! Never thought this would happen already. I LOVE those balance bikes!

Ella, 9 mths:
- is finally, finally kinda sorta taking to solids. Yay! When she was 8 months old, she was still eating next to nothing (maybe a tablespoon a day), and I was starting to feel a little nervous about how it would go. She still doesn't chow down, and I laugh when I see the amounts of food suggested for babies her age, but at least it is something.
She likes guacamole. She even ate some, too.
- is still totally a mama's girl. I revel in it almost always, until I'm ready to do something else. 
- is still angelic 95% of the time.
- is in the crawling-all-over, putting-everything-in-her-mouth stage. The stairs are simply mind-blowing entertainment right now. I hate going outdoors during this period because all she wants to do is put grass and rocks and sand in her mouth and so I can't set her down for a single second unless my hands are on their marks to swipe away her fistful of goodies.

 I feel a little bad because when Michael was 9 months I think I wrote novels about all the intricacies of his development. But poor second-child Ella, I'm just like, yep, she's a baby.

Amy Lovell  – (9:46 PM)  

Aw, I just love these two. I liked this post, I like knowing what these munchkins are up to, they make me laugh! Pretty sure you have two of the most adorable kids around.

AJ Candrian  – (10:53 PM)  

I miss you guys. Such cute kids.

Joy  – (11:17 PM)  

It's hard to imagine Michael can actually sleep that way and I laughed to finally see the avocado smeared Ella photo.

RachelAA  – (11:17 AM)  

Michael sounds amazing - I love how picky kids are with music choices!!! Fun. And guacamole is a favorite around here too which is really nice and easy and healthy! They're both adorable and I so wish we were closer.

Brittany  – (3:23 PM)  

In that second photo of Michael he looks just like you, Lorena. And in the photo of Ella she looks just like Rob. I love it. I always envisioned having kids who all looked like a different parent and each totally their own person but my two kids look so much alike I am starting to wonder if we'll be one of those families where all their kids look alike. Weird thought.

Anyway, miss you guys tons and can't wait to have you closer.

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