This is my son...

He put the ice cream bowl hat on his head on his own volition.  He thought he was so funny.  The Gorbachev thing he has going on... he fought the stairs and the stairs won...this round. 

Amy Lovell  – (3:17 PM)  

Ouch, poor boy. And yes, definitely your son. Yum, that makes me want Baskin Robins...thank goodness it's $.31 day tomorrow, fabulous!

Joy  – (8:52 PM)  

I Giants hat goes on his head, right? Who is he trying to be like...hum, you or his grandfather?
You should sent that one into the Giants! It's pretty funny. Oh I miss him!

KellySummer  – (10:59 PM)  

this is an excellent gut shot too. He looks like a skinny fat man. i love it! hahaha, cute boy. :)

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