It's been cold and snowy

While I haven't give up on commuting by bike, mother nature hasn't been making it easy.
Sweden is apparently in the middle of the coldest December in 100 years!  Global warming - ha!  My usual 20-25 minute ride without snow has been taking about 40-45 minutes with snow.  Oh well.

Joy  – (5:17 PM)  

BRRRR...please take the bus!

Amy Lovell  – (6:30 PM)  

I'm impressed you're still riding your bike to work. I can't imagine doing that in the snow, that sounds horrible.

Mike  – (6:35 PM)  

Rob, just think, you could be even colder if you lived in the TC!!! I commented to Sara today on how warm it was! It was 16 degrees. Much warmer than the high of 3 we routinely had last week! Good job on riding the bike. You crazy!

Erin S  – (1:15 AM)  

BRR! I can't believe you ride your bike in the snow.

Taylor Family  – (7:41 PM)  

James and I think your crazy!!!!

Dana Broderick  – (11:57 PM)  

cu, cu, cu...cold...brrr...I hope you guys survive. :)

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